Confessions of a New Mother

Confessions of a New Mother from a Seasoned Mother Over the past few days, I have been thinking about this weekend as a day we celebrate mothers and I decided to share a prayer/sermon that I wrote shortly after becoming a mother nearly twenty-five years ago. The whole celebration of Mothers’ Day can be loaded. … Continue reading Confessions of a New Mother

Knitting in Defiance

Knitting in Defiance Back in the winter I had the opportunity for several conversations about homelessness. On more than one occasion I had been asked to explain to someone why I had made the statement that we have homeless folks here in Upshur County and that one of my daily prayers is always for the … Continue reading Knitting in Defiance

Wings of the Morning

Wings of the Morning By Rev. Alicia Randolph Rapking His name was Johan Conrad Goldtman, born in Gundheim, Germany in 1653 he died in Canada in 1711 and he was my 8th great grandfather. Over 360 years is a long time ago and it surprises me, still, that I have been able to trace my … Continue reading Wings of the Morning