In This Moment

My mind races. I want more. But it is You I have in this moment, and the next moment, and the next. I breathe in You. You breathe in me. Colors collide–green and blue and purple, a vortex swirling behind my closed eyes and then, total darkness. Rich and deep and velvety darkness. I know … Continue reading In This Moment

Kindling the Flames

    This year, I am ploughing through winter with the determination to enjoy it.  I know that sounds strange, especially since the last couple of years I have not enjoyed any part of winter at all and I have expressed that in my writing.  However, this year on the Winter Solstice, I made a … Continue reading Kindling the Flames

Emmanuel’s Home

I don’t know how many times I have heard the question this year. You know the question. Maybe even you have asked it. “Are you ready for Christmas?” This year I have been tempted to answer: “Do you really want to know?” Today is Saturday, two days before Christmas. I am swept away by all … Continue reading Emmanuel’s Home