The Time Has Come…

The time has come when I need to really consider that what I feel called to do in the completion of my doctorate degree is something that the church needs.  When it comes right down to it, I know that it is important.  It is something that I have felt drawn to for years. How can we … Continue reading The Time Has Come…

A Wayward Oak Leaf

Where did you come from On this November morning There are no oak trees in sight Despite the name of the street Oakridge Drive And yet here you are Nestled in the midst of my Peace Lily Your colors called out Begging me to stop and notice It wasn’t difficult Because you are beautiful On … Continue reading A Wayward Oak Leaf

India in My Heart

The Spirit’s crisp breeze Calls me into a morning Where birds have been Warbling And darting in and out Through the branches Of my beloved Locust tree Since before the sun’s rays Ventured to think about The possibility of Shimmering This corner Of the world Awake The Sun glow On the leaves Spring green in … Continue reading India in My Heart

Chagall Light

There is something about the morning light at this time of the year that intrigues me and makes me smile.  I love light at all times of the year, but the morning light, right now, in late winter, before the time changes and as we are just beginning to really notice how much the days have … Continue reading Chagall Light


I find myself Stopping this morning Over and over Just for a moment or two Closing my eyes Resting my chin  And the heaviness of my heart And soul On my Hands  Where my  fingers are interlaced Into a shelf In these frequently occurring moments There is a stillness That falls upon me It is … Continue reading Stillness

Autumn morning

Today The early morning is quiet Gone are the constant buzzes The unceasing hums Of cicadas  That for the last month or so Have announced The shortening of days The lengthening of nights The deepening of darkness Surrounding the golden moments  Of Summer’s ending light The lone chickadee Chirping the morning news From the branch … Continue reading Autumn morning

The Heart of the Wilderness: Third in a series for Season of Creation 2020

Like so many people, when I was in grade school, I had to memorize and perform poetry.  And like so many students along the way, in the fifth grade, I memorized and performed the words of Robert Frost, from probably his best-known poem, Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.   Whose woods these are I think … Continue reading The Heart of the Wilderness: Third in a series for Season of Creation 2020