Stormy Weather!

    Like many children, I was afraid of storms.  For several reasons, I was afraid of the storms at my grandfather’s farm.  There was not real cellar or basement under the house, so in cases of very bad storms, there was nowhere to retreat.  The windows in my grandfather’s house rattled easily.  The trains … Continue reading Stormy Weather!


The day begins First in the darkness Of waning Night who is Trying to hold on to your secrets Not completely visible To anyone Not to the Darkness itself Not even to you I close my eyes And listen To the voices shadowed in the darkness Hoping that their sounds Echo other sounds that Encourage … Continue reading Restoration

Was That You

Was that you Who casually stopped by To read my thoughts   If it was It was subtle Happening without me being aware That something I thought  That something I wrote Something  That lives deep in my heart Would mean enough to you To notice   I hope that was you Who casually stopped by … Continue reading Was That You

The Song of the Wild

It is part of my daily routine.  I get up early and sit in silence on the back deck, sipping my first cup of coffee and watching whatever is going on outside at the time.  Often, I am watching the sun rise through the trees.  Sometimes the sunrise also burns off morning fog and starts … Continue reading The Song of the Wild