From Doom…to Hope

Last week I encountered a feeling that I never, ever imagined that I could feel, and the encounter left me feeling shaken and uncertain in a time of uncertainty.  I felt doom.  Doom.  As defines, I felt “unavoidable ill fortune” and for a moment or two or a hundred, I did not see any way or anything … Continue reading From Doom…to Hope

Extravagant Hospitality

A Sermon for June 14, 2020 First United Methodist, Parkersburg, WV Genesis 18:1-15 I remember very little about my maternal grandmother, Ruby Mae Arthurs Oliphant.  When I was quite young, she suffered several strokes and spent the last five years of her life bedridden, unable to talk or communicate.  My mother said that really, she had not … Continue reading Extravagant Hospitality

I Walked A Labyrinth

Yesterday, the news reports of the lynching of George Floyd filled my newsfeed and my head and heart. I longed for words to cry out, to demand justice, to scream STOP! NO MORE! I wanted words to proclaim that we cannot continue to allow this brutality to happen to our Black brothers and sisters. No … Continue reading I Walked A Labyrinth

In Praise of Dandelions:  A reflection on the real resurrection flower

For Earth Day 2020 Earlier this week, I braved the grocery store in the midst of the pandemic that rages throughout our planet, this 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  My face mask covered me so that at times I couldn’t really see all that was in front of me.  I managed with a few adjustments.  … Continue reading In Praise of Dandelions:  A reflection on the real resurrection flower

Watching Daffodils

  I long to give to you  the Daffodils That are standing unburdened In my new favorite vase They are dappled With the morning light Shimmering a blessing of promise For days to come after these days of horror And strife     There are so many That need my attention So many that need … Continue reading Watching Daffodils

Of Melancholy

Morning after morning Nature is trying Really trying To give me what I need As if the whole of Creation knows I am looking so hard For something to lift this feeling Of Melancholy   But this winter Even nature seems heavyhearted It mirrors my emotion My condition Of Melancholy It is my current Unexpected … Continue reading Of Melancholy