Today the prophet Micah Spoke to me Asking me to consider deeply What it means to love kindness And all I could think about was  Holding the world Holding God’s people Holding you What does it mean to hold someone Or everyone Is it a form of mercy Or compassion Or tenderness If I am … Continue reading Held

From Doom…to Hope

Last week I encountered a feeling that I never, ever imagined that I could feel, and the encounter left me feeling shaken and uncertain in a time of uncertainty.  I felt doom.  Doom.  As Dictionary.com defines, I felt “unavoidable ill fortune” and for a moment or two or a hundred, I did not see any way or anything … Continue reading From Doom…to Hope

Extravagant Hospitality

A Sermon for June 14, 2020 First United Methodist, Parkersburg, WV Genesis 18:1-15 I remember very little about my maternal grandmother, Ruby Mae Arthurs Oliphant.  When I was quite young, she suffered several strokes and spent the last five years of her life bedridden, unable to talk or communicate.  My mother said that really, she had not … Continue reading Extravagant Hospitality

I Walked A Labyrinth

Yesterday, the news reports of the lynching of George Floyd filled my newsfeed and my head and heart. I longed for words to cry out, to demand justice, to scream STOP! NO MORE! I wanted words to proclaim that we cannot continue to allow this brutality to happen to our Black brothers and sisters. No … Continue reading I Walked A Labyrinth

In Praise of Dandelions:  A reflection on the real resurrection flower

For Earth Day 2020 Earlier this week, I braved the grocery store in the midst of the pandemic that rages throughout our planet, this 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  My face mask covered me so that at times I couldn’t really see all that was in front of me.  I managed with a few adjustments.  … Continue reading In Praise of Dandelions:  A reflection on the real resurrection flower