Signs and more signs

On the day after the Presidential election, in 1960, three companions sat down with their 10 cent hamburgers at a Nashville restaurant.  For these companions, this event was a sign: a signof hope that the world in which they lived might recognize them as persons that could make a difference.  Their sign of hope was … Continue reading Signs and more signs

Martin, Martin, and Us

  Each year as mid-January rolls around I begin to think about Martin Luther King Jr, his birthday and the gift that he was to this world.  I wonder what this country would have been like without him. I wonder what my life would have been like without him.  I wonder how I can best write … Continue reading Martin, Martin, and Us


  I have cried this Day I have cried out to the wind and the water And the presence of God’s spirit That I know is here In this lonely and dreary Winter place   Restoration Is my cry Restoration Is my longing A one word Breath prayer That pours from my soul Like the … Continue reading Restoration

Solstice Night

  The rain comes In rapid drops That slow From time to time And speed again As if to say “Not this year” They are bold To make an appearance In these water soaked Moments On a night that Should be Crystal clear   It is Solstice night When the darkness Envelops the world And … Continue reading Solstice Night

The Advent Wind

    One frosty morning An Advent wind Called me outside Into the pre-dawn darkness   It wasn’t a stormy wind But it was strong  And determined In those early morning  Shadows   So I went out  In the darkness And stood Still   The Advent wind  Sang to me Danced around me  Tasseled my … Continue reading The Advent Wind