I Ask For Wisdom

Then David slept with his ancestors and was buried in the city of David.  These are the words that begin the next chapter of the saga of King David and the words are loaded with meaning and hints of intrigue.  These are words of transition that bridge the details of the end of David’s reign … Continue reading I Ask For Wisdom

Deal Gently

This summer, as the Old Testament Lectionary readings have taken us through the saga of his life, we reach a turning point for King David, when the Prophet Nathan was sent by God to confront David about his sin.  Nathan told a story to David about a poor man who had an ewe lamb. The … Continue reading Deal Gently

Deep Calls to Deep

  That day was a Psalm 42 kind of day.  It was as hot and as humid as a North Carolina summer day could be and I had a yearning to be cool and comfortable.  I had a longing to walk through the woods, on my grandfather’s farm, where the shade of the trees would … Continue reading Deep Calls to Deep