Lost in Wonder

Very clearly, I remember my first Philosophy class, taken my senior year in college.  I loved it!  If I had taken that class in my freshman year I would have changed my major!  I would have been a thinker, a philosopher or as Dictionary.com puts it, “a person who offers views or theories on profound … Continue reading Lost in Wonder

In the Face of Death

    Without warning With no indication And no sign to suggest That my heart was about to brim The saltwater tears formed Blurring my vision Already clouded by the fog and rain   These tiny drops took their time At first And then showered down my face Without warning With no indication And no … Continue reading In the Face of Death


  On a Monday afternoon When the sun is dancing, Making dappled lights and shadows Through the leaves on the trees, Projecting summer shapes on the places where my feet trod And the breezes are caressing my face Whispering words in my ears Of encouragement And mercy And grace, I find my hands open and … Continue reading Fear