Deep Calls to Deep

  That day was a Psalm 42 kind of day.  It was as hot and as humid as a North Carolina summer day could be and I had a yearning to be cool and comfortable.  I had a longing to walk through the woods, on my grandfather’s farm, where the shade of the trees would … Continue reading Deep Calls to Deep

Morning Gratitude

This morning, This soft, summer morning While the sun is still trying to convince The world That the day commenced Hours ago, I find myself waking In gratitude.   Sometime During the rest of the night During the darkest hours before dawn There came waves of healing Washing over me Even as I was unaware. … Continue reading Morning Gratitude

Reflections on Returning

This morning—Monday morning–early, I climbed up the front steps and walked across the porch of the Upshur Parish House.  I wasn’t certain how I felt or what to expect on this first morning back as Director of Upshur Parish House and Crosslines.  Earlier this spring, I left Buckhannon for a three-month renewal leave.  After 29 … Continue reading Reflections on Returning

Take Thou Authority

This poem, written at the end of a deep, emotional, life-giving renewal leave–April 5–July 5, 2018, is an expression of three months of reflection on God’s call in my life. Take Thou Authority This morning This day Under a canopy of Green summer leaves Gently dancing in an unseen breeze Under a canopy of blue Chagall … Continue reading Take Thou Authority