In Praise of Dandelions:  A reflection on the real resurrection flower

For Earth Day 2020 Earlier this week, I braved the grocery store in the midst of the pandemic that rages throughout our planet, this 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  My face mask covered me so that at times I couldn’t really see all that was in front of me.  I managed with a few adjustments.  … Continue reading In Praise of Dandelions:  A reflection on the real resurrection flower

Watching Daffodils

  I long to give to you  the Daffodils That are standing unburdened In my new favorite vase They are dappled With the morning light Shimmering a blessing of promise For days to come after these days of horror And strife     There are so many That need my attention So many that need … Continue reading Watching Daffodils

Of Melancholy

Morning after morning Nature is trying Really trying To give me what I need As if the whole of Creation knows I am looking so hard For something to lift this feeling Of Melancholy   But this winter Even nature seems heavyhearted It mirrors my emotion My condition Of Melancholy It is my current Unexpected … Continue reading Of Melancholy

Speaking Tenderly

  In the early part of the 19th century, artist Edward Hicks, a Quaker preacher who lived in Bucks County, PA, painted many paintings that now grace the walls of art museums in many places including the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York City and the National Art Gallery in Washington, DC.  As a Quaker, … Continue reading Speaking Tenderly