Favorite Trees

Seasons of Creation 2019   I have been reading a novel lately, one recommended by Dr. Larry Rasmussen in our Environmental Ethics class on Care of the Earth.  The opening chapter of the novel, The Overstory, by Richard Powers tells a story about a family and a chestnut tree.  The novel is beautifully written novel … Continue reading Favorite Trees

Listening to Cardinals

This morning I was surrounded By a conclave of cardinals Young ones Whose feathers have not yet blossomed into The bright reds And luscious deep browns of adulthood The ones who flit Back and forth and dart In and out of my aviary Also known as my deck Where morning coffee And quiet contemplation Are … Continue reading Listening to Cardinals

Hope Blooms

           I am here You are there Then I am there and You are here in some way For some reason known only to God This is deep prayer   Sometimes  I wonder why it is so deep Because day after day There are moments that I feel Hopeless And I … Continue reading Hope Blooms

Who Am I

Who am I at this moment Is this me Imagining The cool water on my feet And tiny little fish Nibbling on my toes In the ancient waters of my ancestral home   Or am I some other little girl From long ago Whose feet are dangling Whose toes a wiggling away The tiny little … Continue reading Who Am I

I Seek Light

I seek light In the darkness Wherever I can Whenever I can   It cannot be helped—this seeking By my own doing Or my determination Or my strength   It happens without me knowing Suddenly There it is a light Shining in the darkness As if it is the light Doing the seeking   Dancing candlelight … Continue reading I Seek Light

Stay in Love With God: Fourth in a Series on John Wesley’s Three Simple Rules

In February, I preached a sermon series based on John Wesley’s Three Simple Rules:  do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God.  It was a four part series that ended with the last sermon preached on the Sunday during the special General Conference session of The United Methodist Church.  My heart was … Continue reading Stay in Love With God: Fourth in a Series on John Wesley’s Three Simple Rules