A Simple Wish List

2 thoughts on “A Simple Wish List”

  1. As I read this piece this morning. I could see those pictures on TV of people in flimsy boats, so desperate and yet so hopeful – that they put all they valued, including their children, into those boats. I can’t even imagine that level of desperation – or hope. Yes, may your wish be my wish, and the wish of all people everywhere. To welcome the stranger as we welcome the Christ child.


    1. Thanks Jane. I too have seen those flimsy boats in my mind as I sit with these folks in my heart. Recently, when I discovered that my own ancestors had lost children on the crossing, the reality hit me that nothing has changed. My heart grieves for those who feel like the only decision they can make is to leave everything they know and yet, there is hope in that decision. I feel Christ calling so many of us to be the hope that these people long for–to be the ones who welcome and care for them, because, in the world we live in, at any given time, we may find ourselves having to make that same decision.


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