A Journey of Change

3 thoughts on “A Journey of Change”

  1. Alicia, this is beautiful. Little did either of us know God’s plan was already in place for us when we met last fall. I have been sincerely praying since last fall for our next pastor to have a heart of justice and love for the people who surround our church.

    I truly believe God was preparing both of us for His Service. I am filled with joyful anticipation for your arrival to First Church. He has blessed our congregation beyond measure with the love of our retired and interim pastors. He is now continuing that blessing by sending you to be among us.


  2. Thank you Alicia for sharing your story. I am excited too about your appointment to First United Church in Parkersburg! You are definitely the one for such a time as this.


  3. I will miss you, my friend, i already do, but they are so lucky to be gaining you!! I love, you, Alicia, enjoy every minute, i already know you will!! Btw, you are my blessing for today!😊😘


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