Emmanuel Still

For me, already, it had been a difficult fall and I was looking forward to some time after Christmas and New Year’s when I could rest and reflect on the events that had made the fall difficult. I remember that year to be a year when I buried so many people from the churches and … Continue reading Emmanuel Still

We Need Advent!

We Need Advent! I have one great fear in life and many, many smaller fears. I am terrified of flying. I fear the loss of control that I feel as soon as I walk onto an airplane. I fear the small chance of crash every take off and landing. These fears are huge for me … Continue reading We Need Advent!

By the Light of the Moon

Celebrating Thanksgiving this past week has been sheer joy for me! On Tuesday of last week, my family traveled down to join my cousin Jane and most of her family at Myrtle Beach. We haven’t celebrated a Thanksgiving together since the 1980’s and so I had been anticipating this time together for months. As I … Continue reading By the Light of the Moon